Busy Bees operates an equal opportunities admission policy which is reflected in all our documentation and adverts. The pre-school is open to children from all sections of local communities and can provide flexible patterns of attendance to support the differing needs of families and their children. It is a fundamental principle of the pre-school that all children should learn together whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, attainment or background.

Children can join Busy Bees when they reach 2 years of age, dependent on vacancies, and remain until they start school. We arrange our waiting list in date of birth order but also take into account other factors such as the vicinity of the home to the pre-school and whether siblings are already attending the setting when allocating places.

Please use the Contact Us page or telephone to discuss your requirements. Alternative hours or days may be offered if a parents first choice is not available and this can be discussed at the time.

Once a start date and hours of attendance are agreed parents will be asked to complete a registration form which provides us with relevant information about the child such as the type of play they enjoy, emergency contact details, health issues and allergies.

“I chose these special words; because I wanted you to know; that I’m grateful for your hard; work in helping me to grow. For your constant understanding; and for always being there; to tell me I could do it and to show me that you care.” – Leighton (aged 4 1/2 – leaving Busy Bees to go to school – July 2016)


“ Since our little girl has started at Busy Bees. I have nothing but positive comments to say kelly and the team are an absolute delight and have bought our daughter on leaps and bounds. So pleased to have chosen this school. Such an amazing atmosphere ” (parent voice June 2023)


“Charlie has absolutely thrived since starting nursery, its his little home from home where he has grown and flourished and couldnt thank all of the staff enough for all the hard work they do for not just him but for all the children. Really couldnt have had a better start to the beginning of his school journey” (Parent voice June 2023)