Starting At Busy Bees

Settling In
We know that children respond differently to new environments so we will invite both you and your child to come along to Busy Bees in the term before they are due to start. This gives the child an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the setting, staff and other children. Parents are also welcome to stay with their child for as long as they wish during the first few sessions. Prior to starting at Busy Bees you will receive a welcome pack together with questionnaires that provide Busy Bees with important information about your child. This helps us to understand your child’s favourite activity which, if possible, we will arrange it, even if the activity is not in the planned schedule, to help them settle in. Children are given time to bond with Busy Bees staff before assigning them a Key Person.


Personal Peg, clothing and footwear
Each child has a named personal peg in the hallway where they can hang their bag which can contain spare clothes, footwear including wellingtons, nappies (if needed), comfort items and toys. We would recommend that name tags are put on any clothes and footwear your child wears to pre-school so that we can ensure that they are not lost. We would also suggest that children come in comfortable clothes as, despite our best efforts, paint and glue do sometimes get on their clothing. Busy Bees polo shirts and sweat shirts are available from Tesco –

Children should wear soft dap-like shoes, slippers or crocs when attending the pre-school. Please also provide a sun hat and cream so that your child can go outside when the weather is sunny.


Eating and drinking
During the morning and afternoon your child will be offered a drink of milk and a healthy snack ( subject to each child’s dietary needs) such as fruit, vegetables, crackers and breadsticks. Water is always available. Juice or squash will not be provided at snack time.

We do not provide lunches so, if your child is arriving at 12.00 or leaving at 13.00, you will need to provide them with a lunch box and drink (water is always accessible) which should be clearly labelled. Please do not include any nut products as we might have children who suffer from severe nut allergies. Alternatively, parents can order hot lunches, provided by Chapmanslade School caterers, which are collected by Busy Bees staff from the school. Further information on menus and costs can be found on:


Key Person
Busy Bees operates a key person system. We allow children to be involved in choosing their key person which we believe promotes effective and positive relationships for children and their parents. We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy in the setting and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. The key person encourages positive relationships between child in their key group, spending time with them as a group each day. A child’s key person (or back up key person) is responsible for developmental records and for sharing information on a regular basis with parents. They are the key contact for parents and any other carers involved with the child.


Learning Journey Book
While your child is attending Busy Bees they will have a Learning Journey Book completed by their key person. This is a record of your child’s progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage and will contain photographs and the practical work the child has completed together, with comments by Busy Bees staff. Parents are welcome to look at the Learning Journey Book which is placed in their child’s named tray. They are welcome to take it home and are encouraged to add any comments. The book will be given to you when your child leaves Busy Bees as a record of their time with us. If you do not want us to take photographs of your child for inclusion in their Learning Journey Book please let us know in writing.


Registration system for children and adults
At the start of your child’s session a member of the Busy Bees team will greet you (or your child’s carer) at the front door. Each child’s name is entered on the signing in form together with the time of arrival and the name of the person collecting the child if it is not the parent or the relative/carer nominated on the registration form. Busy Bees staff take the register both in the morning and after lunch. They also sign the signing in form. Each child and member of staff is signed out when they leave the setting by a member of staff


Collecting children
If for any reason the parent/carer is unable to collect the child they must tell the staff at the start of the session the name (and description) of the person who will pick then up. Parents are asked to provide a password when their child starts at Busy Bees and the person collecting the child would be expected to give the password if they are not known to the team. If they cannot tell us the password the parent will be contacted to obtain permission before the child is released. Busy Bees staff will not release a child into the care of any person that they believe is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If this should happen the staff will contact the emergency numbers provided on the registration form. If no one is available the staff will contact the Police or Social Services. Under no circumstances will anyone under the age of 16 years be allowed to collect a child.

“Our daughter started at Busy Bees in early September so we are still new parents. However, as teachers ourselves, our experience s far has been fantastic. Our daughter is loving her time (4 days a week) at the pre-school and can’t wait to go everyday. Within a week she was performing songs and dances foir us and is playing the “teacher” at home for us mimicking Nat and the other staff. We are very impressed with all aspects of the pre-school and are kept up to date through very efficient communications. Thank you Team!” – Parent 29.09.2016